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Model 332 with extractor

For casting 4 cylinders Ø9cm x 15cm high. 

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Model 332 with extractor


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Capacity in rings: 12 rings for 6cm cobalt chrome. 18 rings for fixed prosthesis of 3cm.
Maximum temperature: 1250ēC.
Type: Muffle furnace.
Heating chamber: 24.5cm. Width x 24.5cm. Height x 23cm. background.
External measurements: 41,7cm. Width x 65cm. high x 53.5cm. Background.
Camera capacity in liters: 13.8 liters.
Arrival time at 1,000ēC: 83 minutes (no load, no floor at 100% power)
Cooling time 1,000ēC to 200ēC: 4 hs. approximately.
Weight: 52kg.
Voltage: 220V.
Heating power: 5,6kw.
Thermocouple: Type K.
Muffle: Hybrid type, of the latest generation, made with ceramic fiber parts vacuum-formed without the use of organic binders, which ensures the durability of the characteristics of the muffle, does not flake or darken. And with four independent high alumina refractory heating plates and Kanthal A-1 resistive wires. The plates can be replaced in the same Laboratory under instructions in the manual of use that is provided with the oven.
Indef guarantees: Stock of original spare parts and permanent service, as well as constant advice.
Resistances: Interior to the shelter of harmful agents on all four sides (sides + roof + BASE)
A floor is provided to protect the base heating plate from possible spills.
Cabinet: Double layer that allows a low outside temperature. Veneer DD Nē20 and 18 punched and folded with numerical control, with interior frame and stainless steel door, finely finished with thermoconvertible epoxy enamel.
Door: With Labyrinth locking system to minimize heat losses.
Gas outlet: 11/4 "gas nipple.
Accessories: The ovens are provided with connection cable with tab and industrial socket, user manual and installation, with floor (tray) and refractory supports.
Performance: Uniformity of temperature in the heating chamber at +/- 2ēC in the 900-1000ēC range with measurement points 3 cm away from the door and 1.5 cm in the rest.



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